Recommendation Platform

Converting data into actionable insights, measurably improving business value.

Intelligent Recommendations

Most product recommendation systems are hit or miss – they rely on simple attributes or use questionable logic. Our core solution, a Recommendation Platform, offers a diverse range of recommendation techniques, beyond standard collaborative filtering (“customers who bought this also bought this”) – including content-based recommendations and case-based reasoning with the capability for hybrid setups. The platform also offers a range of recommendation utilities to cater for context-aware, conversational and explanatory scenarios.

Every Customer, Not Every Cohort

When done right, customer experience pays huge dividends. our Recommendation Platform allows our partners to offer customers real personalised interactions, presenting the right product, to the right person, at the right time, resulting in significant revenue and profit uplift in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Democratising data away from
the Data Scientist

Advanced data analytics tools no longer require PhD’s in data science to utilise. Using the same Recommendation techniques, RaaS can guide users through the most complicated BI tools, by revealing the next logical navigational step or the opportunities that exist within the data. From CEO to Marketing Director, the interactions are tailored depending on user type and level, providing effective discovery and decision-making power to all in the organisation.

Simple Integration, Immediate Impact

Not only is RecommenderX’s A.I. extremely powerful, it’s easy to train, integrate, and deploy. our Recommendation Platform is cloud-based API platform, providing a single A.I. integration to power all your recommendation experiences.

Data Analytics & Visualisation

RecommenderX builds enterprise class AI for real world challenges

Capture new growth opportunities

We design, develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions for large enterprises in various enterprise verticals including Financial Services, Travel and Telecommunications. We work with the most forward-thinking organisations, helping our partners find new levels of efficiency and revenue streams to achieve their strategic goals.

Applying brain-like computing to the big data problems facing enterprises

One of the biggest pain points for large companies is making logical sense of oceans of information. We develop data and visualisation applications for partners that are looking to digitally transform their current manual processes, powered by artificial intelligence.

Recommendation Conversations

Introducing RecBot, the internal office chatbot, streamlining internal communications so organisations can focus on more complex tasks.

Predictive, self-learning conversations

Powered by artificial intelligence, questions are interpreted and relevant knowledge base articles, online resources or subject matter experts within the organisation are recommended.

Predictive, self-learning conversations

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