Downstream Customer Recommendation Tool

Consumer focused

We use personalised recommendations to present, the right information, to the right person, at the right time

ReXsyS is a “Downstream” consumer focused platform that uses A.I. to recommend the right products to each individual user (similar to Amazon and Netflix), learning more about what they’re looking for with every click.

ReXsyS can take, for example, customer profiles of 15 million customers and profiles them against 20,000 products, offering the right product, to the right person at the right time.

The world is moving towards personalisation, it increases customer satisfaction, engagement, experience and sales.

Fully configurable

The ReXsyS tool is a fully configurable platform that offers a diverse range of recommendation techniques depending on the customer's context and needs. Unlike traditional recommendation engines that rely on collaborative filtering, ReXsyS doesn’t group users into cohorts or data sets. Instead, it understands the behaviour of each individual, using every click to learn and showcases products or information tailored to their unique tastes - not the tastes of “users like” them.

Different taste, Different offers

Customers with different profiles and tastes get different offers….from Business travellers getting offers of Hotel and Flight upgrades to Funseekers getting offers of Cinema and event discounts.

Personal assistant

Customers feel more valued, looking after me personally, more what I want, when I want it and with less noise and distraction are five times more likely to purchase a personally recommended product.

The world is moving towards personalisation

ReXsyS is RecommenderX’s first product to market, it increases customer satisfaction, engagement, experience and sales.

There is a limited supply of highly experienced “Recommendation Specialists” and at RecommenderX, with three of the world’s personalisation and recommendation experts as team members, we act as your internal recommendation professionals, you can think of us as your own personal Amazon and Netflix team.

Netflix employs 300 people to maintain and improve its content recommendations