KPI Driver

Upstream Company focus using Predictive Analytics

Company focused

KPI Driver is the “Upstream” company focused platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to turn Business Intelligence into Actionable Insights.

KPI Driver enables large enterprises to collect, and turn their data into actionable insights to inform business decisions. The tool takes corporate and customer data, provides a helicopter view of the data (sales reports, conversion rates, loyalty, retention, churn etc) then providing insights and “Recommended” actions to improve performance.

“KPI Driver” is RecommenderX’s second product and creates value upstream for the management team.

Automate, Analyse, Transform

KPI Driver uses A.I to digitally transform manual processes to Automated, Self Service & Digital Data Analytics Platforms.

Intelligent reports

The KPI Driver Tool delivers key insights, measuring users behaviour and interaction with their brands, which enables the implementation of purposefully designed business decisions.

KPI Driver can take data from third party Business Intelligence tools (including Oracle, IBM, SAP etc).

Acquire, Activate, Use, Retain

Take for example, Suzanne, who is a senior manager at a Loyalty/Credit card company.

Suzanne wants to identify how to make her highest margin Loyalty Card “Front of Wallet”.

Her KPI Driver Dashboard gives her alerts and notifications of interesting actions and then makes “Recommendations” for example, targeting a certain cluster of “Business Travellers” with product offers with Partners, increasing commissions, Acquire, sales, customer satisfaction and ultimately increasing customers to her highest margin Loyalty Card.

Plug and play

KPI Driver can take data from third party Business Intelligence tools (including Oracle, IBM, SAP etc).

Taking data from any source through API hooks makes it extremely simple to integrate.

The KPI Driver Tool takes data from any business intelligence source and predictively recommends (based on historic data and case based reasoning) the best course of action to increase the KPI’s, increase performance and increase sales.