Here's what we do

Self Service A.I. & Data Analytics Platforms Personalisation systems and Recommendation as a Service

Access Big Data
Structured or unstructured
Use various A.I. techniques to extract, organise and analyse the data
Create Insights & Recommendations
Build applications that access and use the processed data

Our Clients

We currently help global banks, governments, and universities to sift through the immense amount of data available to produce actionable insights and recommendations

Clients - Mastercard
Clients - Google
Clients - IBM
Clients - Enterprise Ireland
Clients - Insight Centre
Clients - British Irish Chamber of Commerce
Clients - Knowledge Transfer Ireland
Clients - University College Dublin

Business Benefits

Recommender systems convert 35% of Amazon & 66% of Netflix revenues and determine 70% of what you see online.

We help businesses increase performance, productivity and profitability, by adapting, developing and deploying bespoke self-service Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics platforms.

Demo Video

Watch our short 1 minute video, which gives you an overview of what we do, how we do it and who we do it for.


Our platforms leverage the latest and greatest cutting-edge research-based technologies to harness data that resides both inside and outside the workplace, including: Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Case-Based Reasoning, Cognitive Computing, Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Recommendation, Conversational Commerce and Social Network Analysis.

The resultant solutions offer dynamic, innovative interfaces with great, intuitive user experiences.


Kevin McCarthy PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Sigitas Monkevicius
Head of Engineering

Fiachra Lennon
Head of Design

Brian O'Brien
Financial Controller

Mark O'Donovan
Executive Chairman
John Phelan
Rachael Rafter PhD
Principal Research Scientist
Adam Keane
Head of Business Ventures

Advisory Team

Prof. Barry Smyth
Mark Ryan
Lisa Manselli
Michael O'Mahony PhD

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